AIM currently has a Piper Aztec and a Cessna 182 on the ground in Canilla. They are used for medical evacuation flights (making a 5 hour drive to the City into a 25 minute flight), as well as general transportation and travel within the country. It is anticipated that with the expanded clinical services, there will also be an influx in the number of flights that will go out with the purpose of bringing patients to the hospital.

Piper Aztec

A twin engine prop plane, the Aztec is able to hold more weight and passengers, as well as have seats turned down/taken out to accommodate certain patient needs (stretchers, limbs that need to be extended, etc.). It is also a faster plane than the Cessna, and is ideal for use on all paved/well-maintained runways.

Cessna 182

The Cessna, a single engine prop plane, was originally brought down with the purpose of flying out into the jungle/bush areas; seemingly created for these rougher landing strips, it is still used for this same purpose, and has been invaluable in its ability to get into difficult areas for medical evacuation flights as well as transport of medical teams into more remote areas. It is also used for general transportation and travel within the country, although its smaller size and weight capacity is a limiting factor over the larger Aztec.

Both of these planes are equipped with all instruments necessary for IFR flight and have greatly expanded Adonai's service abilities as they have already proven themselves on many night and weather-dependent flights that would have been impossible if the planes were not IFR equipped. 

Click here to see some videos with landings, take-offs, and general flying our ministry has done in this area and out into the jungle.