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Adonai's medical work started in 2002 when Leslie started working in a few local clinics in conjunction with an American doctor who traveled out from Quiche. Around the same time, God gave Duane a vision of an expanded services medical facility functioning here in this same valley. Understanding that this was something that only God could bring about, the Fickers continued to walk in the daily medical work in front of them by running Adonai's weekly clinics and connecting with the local government clinics to aide them in the provision of services they were unable to provide.

However, in 2013 the Fickers started to realize that God was starting to make the vision He gave Duane a reality as He started lining up people and resources in ways that only He could!

Please click this video link to meet some of the people, hear some of the stories, and witness God's faithfulness in providing for all that He has asked Adonai to carry out!

Adonai General Outpatient Clinics

AIM currently has three weekly and one monthly clinic in the villages of and surrounding Canillá and San Andres. These outpatient clinics focus on four main areas: general consults, chronic condition maintenance, prenatal care, and a nutrition program for both children and families in need. The primary patient population is comprised of women and children.

Adonai Expanded Services Clinics

In March of 2014, AIM felt God calling them to step out in faith in purchasing a piece of property for the expanded services clinic to be built on. After putting down a small deposit, God miraculously provided the rest of the funding in three months time! Officially purchasing the land in May 2014, construction on a security wall started immediately with the footings and foundation of the hospital starting soon after.

In 2015, construction continued at a steady pace with hundreds of hours of cement pouring and block laying, a strong Guatemalan team on the ground, and several Stateside teams aiding throughout the whole process!  2015 also saw the completion of a 600-foot well that puts out 55 gallons per minute - more than enough provision for the hospital! Adonai hopes to complete the first phase and open the outpatient clinical services in early 2016 with the second phase (including OR and inpatient services) to follow soon after. The following is a more comprehensive list of what each phase will include and gives an overall idea of what services the expanded clinics will offer.

The first phase of the expanded service clinics will include: a reception area, emergency room, three clinical suites, a dental suite, general laboratory, pharmacy, an x-ray room, and a prayer room. The second phase will expand the already existing services to also include a kitchen, laundry area, storage units, surgical suites, in-patient rooms, sterilization area, post-operation suite, birthing suites, a pediatric ward, women’s and men’s inpatient suites with 20 beds in total. The third phase will allow for upward expansion and include space for administrative offices and additional storage space.

God has been so faithful each step of the way, and we continue to glorify His name in this place, trusting completely that He will continue to carry out all the He is doing here! If you are interested in more information or joining in what God is doing here, please contact us at: