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Want to get a closer look at missions?

The AIM Internship program is designed around the ministry's heart. Interns will have the opportunity to shadow in the medical clinics, worship in the prayer room, facilitate outreaches to the community, grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord and gain a broad view of what living on the mission field entails.

AIM desires to invite all of our interns, not just into a knowledge of the importance of missions, but into intimacy with Christ and discipleship in an environment of community founded first in the pursuit of God and His heart.


Our internship program primarily is a season set aside by the intern to focus on the Lord and grow in his/her relationship with Him. This is done through a heavy emphasis on discipleship, growing in cultural awareness, and creating a servant’s heart while working alongside the ministry.

Discipleship: We ask our interns to participate in a community book discussion, to have some focused learning time through lectures, to attend all of our prayer and worship sets, and to set aside their own daily time with the Lord.

Cultural Awareness: This will include working daily in and among Guatemalans, practicing Spanish, and learning some of the history of the area in which AIM works.

Servant’s Heart: Just as Jesus laid down his life to serve us, we desire to serve others with that same wholehearted love and humility. Our interns will work alongside AIM’s long-term missionaries as we serve the Guatemalans, share in ministry responsibilities, and design an outreach to the local community.


Join in with what God is doing here!

All interns will be involved in an orientation period where they will get an overview of the ministry and the areas in which we serve the people of Guatemala. However, there will be some opportunities for specialization depending on each intern's interest and past experience. These include:

• Medicine: opportunity to work alongside medical staff in rural clinics and ministry hospital.

• Worship/Prayer: opportunity to participate in prayer, worship, sound engineering, etc. in the prayer room

• Finance/Administration: opportunity to work with the ministry accountant

• Construction/Agriculture: opportunity to work in various construction and agricultural projects 

The cost for the internship is about $2,500 (not including airfare). This includes a budget for rent, food, Spanish language school, set-up costs, and other expenses.


Interested in eventually joining AIM’s long-term staff? Click here for more information on how you can get involved past an internship!

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