One of the primary callings that God has given AIM is to use medical care as a way to show Himself as Healer.


What started as a few small clinics has grown to include much more. When Duane and Leslie and their family first came to Guatemala, they had no idea how large AIM's vision would become. AIM currently sees over 300 patients a week over five days of clinic. AIM's new medical facility is opening up new possibilities where there never were before, including an x-ray machine and the potential of regular surgery times in the near future. 


Medical Facility

In 2014, AIM purchased a piece of land near the mission base. This marked the very beginning of a vision God had given Duane many years before: a vision for a hospital. Don and Lori Allison and Luis and Naomi Aquino and their families came on staff with AIM in 2015, and, in 2016, AIM began to hold clinics in a completed part of the new building. God has been faithful to provide for every need during the construction phase, and we are excited for what lies ahead!

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The Adonai Education Project

As AIM has stepped forward into the hospital vision, one thing was made clear: a hospital cannot exist without nurses. Through various educational programs, AIM works hard to train and equip Guatemalan nurses with the goal of staffing the hospital with former students. Guatemala is a country primarily populated by subsistence farmers with little opportunity for upward mobility or growth. The Adonai Education Project has the goal of opening doors to those without access to education and alternative fields of work. Beyond even just equipping nurses to work in AIM medical facilities and out-patient clinics, the Project conveys AIM's desire to pour into Guatemala in a practical and holistic manner.

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